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Shogun Fights is a Baltimore, Maryland based mixed martial arts (MMA) organization. Shogun Fights was establised in early 2009 with the goal in mind to showcase Maryland's and the Mid-Atlantic regions future MMA stars. Our 1st event, Shogun Fights I took place on Saturday October 24th 2009 at the 1st Mariner Arena with over 5,000 fans in attendance. The success of this event not only established Shogun Fights as a viable MMA organization but it also gave several up and coming MMA fighters a large stage to show their skills. Shogun Fights I featured the likes of pre-UFC veteran Jim Hettes, 5 future Bellator Fighting Championship contestants (Jacob Kirwan, Joey Kirwan, Carey Vanier Sr., Binky Jones, Steven Banks and Cody Donovan), and pre-Strikeforce veteran Jason McLean. Over the past 6 events, Shogun Fights has had the opportunity to have 4 UFC veterans, 3 Ultimate Fighter reality series contestants, 10 Bellator Fighting championship veterans and 1 Strikeforce veteran.

Since the inception for the concept of Shogun Fights, promoter John Rallo and his staff have strived to provide safe, highly competitive and well matched fights. Through our dedication, determination, and a strong desire to succeed, we expect to establish ourselves as the leading professionally run MMA organization in our area. Shogun Fights would like to welcome all of the local fighters, trainers, gyms/academies and fans of MMA to participate in our events, whether as a competitor or as a spectator.

With the recent legalization of MMA competition in Maryland, it is of the utmost importance that the events are handled with professionalism and care. MMA is a sport that has vastly different rules and regulations than other competitive sports. Please keep in mind that MMA is not boxing, kickboxing or wrestling and should not be treated or promoted in a fashion that will subject the sport to negative criticism.